Syracuse Restaurant Content Shoot

Those familiar with Melbourne's dining scene are sure to know - and love - Syracuse Restaurant and Wine Bar. Located in Bank Place between Collins and Little Collins Streets, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Syracuse serves up some seriously delicious modern Sicilian fare. More than just your average Italian cuisine, Sicilian food also has Greek, Spanish and French influences, with perfectly balanced flavours and a focus on fresh produce. 


With the launch of their new winter menu, and with their dessert degustation "A Sweet Soiree" coming up, a content update was required. For all our hospitality clients, due to the seasonality of produce and offerings, we recommend shoots every 8 weeks to ensure the freshest, most relevant content. 

The main focus of this shoot was to showcase some of the desserts on offer at the upcoming event, "A Sweet Soiree", to be held on Wednesday 1st August. Boasting a five course dessert menu created by Philippa Sibley, Australia's Queen of Desserts, with an impressive array of perfectly paired wines selected by sommelier Florian Valieres, this event is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Tickets are still available for this event, and available here.



Thin Lizzy Blogger Shoot

Our client, Thin Lizzy, has experienced significant growth across their social channels this year – and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. Having expanded their offering from the original 6-in-1 to a whole range of cosmetic staples, Thin Lizzy has evolved to become a surprising addition to the makeup bags of many a beauty blogger. 

As they roll out their new look branding, Thin Lizzy are also developing some seriously solid blogger relationships, facilitated by the Prince and Mercer team. 

Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-19.jpg

For this month’s content creation shoot, we collaborated with two of our favourite up-and-coming beauty bloggers to create some fantastic content. 

Our bloggers – Kershia (@theloveoflipsticks) and Jessica (@jessicablackk) – created two looks from Thin Lizzy’s Get The Look competition; going from a soft and subtle look to a more dramatic one, using Thin Lizzy’s products including the new Perfect Wing eyeliner stamp.

Thin Lizzy’s latest product release, the Perfect Wing, takes the time and hassle out of creating a perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner look. Available in four sizes from a 6mm stamp up to a bold 12mm, the Perfect Wing has a left and right stamp for ease of application, and a liquid eyeliner to complete the look. 

Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-15.jpg
Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-12.jpg

The Get The Look Campaign is a Thin Lizzy initiative to discover the best up-and-coming beauty influencers, offering the opportunity to represent the Thin Lizzy brand in an upcoming television commercial. With 15 categories ranging from Pretty and Polished to Smokey and Sultry, the competition is designed to showcase the versatility of Thin Lizzy’s product range, while discovering fresh new talent such as the two lovely ladies involved in our shoot.

Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-21.jpg
Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-36.jpg

We filmed our bloggers as they created their two looks to provide additional bonus content for our client. Seriously impressed with how confident and at ease our bloggers were in front of the cameras, we love how the video clips turned out – we can’t wait to show them off on our social channels! 

This shoot was a fantastic opportunity to capture some on-brand product and lifestyle images with Thin Lizzy’s new packaging, while solidifying the relationships we’ve made with some of Melbourne’s most enthusiastic beauty influencers. 

Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-33.jpg
Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-25.jpg
Thin Lizzy - Manchester Building-37.jpg

Anna Vasily x Donut Day

We're huge fans of sweet treats here at Prince and Mercer, so when one of our favourite clients asked us to shoot an Inspiration piece for Donut Day, we jumped at the chance. 

With a brief of, "beautiful platters, beautiful flooring, beautiful shoes and beautiful donuts", we channelled our inner Kate Middleton and set about sourcing floors and footwear for the shoot. We already knew where to go for Melbourne's best donuts - Doughboys Doughnuts on Bourke St. 

Working with the request that all the donuts featured in the shoot be fairly impressive, we selected a range of pink, white and chocolate donuts from the weekly order sheet provided. We couldn't have been happier with how beautifully they photographed. 

Floor Shots-3.jpg

With the food component taken care of, we set about sourcing similar flooring to the examples we were given in our brief. A quick call to the knower of all things tiles and flooring, Dara at Byzantine Design in Prahran, and we had our answer - the stunning range of vinyl floor rugs from the Byzantine Design x Bonnie and Neil Collection.

Available in a variety of designs and colours, we were able to take our pick of the collection, and though we didn't want to pull focus from Anna Vasily's stunning glassware, we did want to complement the range with the perfect floors. 

Pictured above is the Seventies Black Vinyl Rug, and below is our favourite, the Cuban Blue Vinyl Rug. You can check out the entire range of the Byzantine Design x Bonnie and Neil Collection here

Finally, a quick online shop for some classy heels to accommodate our models, and we were in business. 

Having secured the gorgeous light-filled space, Studio Local in Northcote, all our photographer needed to bring was her camera - and a step ladder. All images taken by the wonderful Grace Petrou, our photographer of choice for Anna Vasily content. 

Floor Shots-19.jpg

Whilst we believe that every day should be Donut Day, we certainly enjoyed the opportunity to capture these images for our client. And the leftover donuts? They were delicious. 

Festival Of Steve ll Live Like Steve


The annual celebration of the Modern Man, Festival Of Steve, showcases local designers and retailers, stylists and outfitters to celebrate Melbourne's modern, stylish gentleman. Now in its sixth year, the festival is hosted by City Precinct and supported by City of Melbourne.

The event will be held at The Kelvin Club on Saturday, June 2nd from 12pm – 6pm. 

For those who aren't members of The Kelvin Club, this is a fantastic opportunity to see inside one of the city’s oldest and most exclusive members-only establishments. 


We invited five of Melbourne's most stylish fashion influencers to "Live Like Steve" for an evening; suiting up and stepping out to experience the hospitality of some of our favourite City Precinct members. 

The gents did just that, and our Steves - Steve Tilly (@stevetillystyle), Stephen Kotsanlee (@theyoungagent), Jack Reynolds (@itsmejack), Austin Levine (@officialtinno) and Nathan Leung (@mr_nl) - hit the town.


Staying in the heart of the city at The Adelphi Hotel, our guests were greeted as they entered their rooms with an enviable range of goods from City Precinct members, including Mr Elk, Athletes of WineBloom BoyMitchell McCabe MenswearFour Pillars GinLaneway LearningStyled by Sally and Carl Nave Bespoke Tailoring

The first stop of the evening? Men's Biz in the Royal Arcade. Our Steves enjoyed a whiskey tasting and quick lesson in the finer points of men's grooming before venturing to Kirk’s Cellar Bar to enjoy their European-style menu with matched wines .

All Steve-d out, as the evening came to an end the lads then returned to The Adelphi Hotel to get a luxurious night's rest. 


A huge thank you to all City Precinct members who donated their time, venues and goods to the evening. For readers wishing to Live Like Steve for a day, head over to for event details. 


Saving Grace Bar x Good Beer Week

Good Beer Week is one of the most important weeks of the year for Melbourne's hospitality industry. It's a fantastic opportunity for Melbourne beer lovers to try brands and styles of craft beer they may not usually be able to access easily, and to visit new and interesting venues. This year, our client Saving Grace Bar has teamed up with BrewDog Australia and Burger Boys to bring patrons a beer and burger pairing menu with a difference.


Throughout Good Beer Week, Saving Grace will be serving up six taps of BrewDog beers, each paired with a Burger Boys burger. By considering the aroma and flavour profiles of the beers and the flavours of each burger, Saving Grace have put together six unique pairings that are sure to be crowd pleasers. 


For those unfamiliar with BrewDog, this Scottish craft beer company has a cult-like following, particularly throughout Europe. Gaining notoreity for their Richard Branson-esque marketing antics, BrewDog have brewed a beer at the bottom of the ocean (seriously), projected themselves (naked) onto the houses of parliament, held a “funeral for generic beer” to celebrate their launch into Sweden, and driven a branded BrewDog tank down Camden’s High Street in London. BrewDog are also an environmentally and socially aware company, building an eco-brewery and donating 10% of their profits to charity.


Established in 2014, Burger Boys hit the Melbourne's burger scene and quickly became a favourite Brunswick locals. Now a  prominent feature in the city's ever growing burger scene, Burger Boys operate as a pop up kitchen in number of venues in an around Melbourne's CBD. 


These images were captured by one of our favourite food and venue photographers Arianna Leggiero - find her on Instagram here. We love shooting our hospitality venues, as no two shoots are the same. Sometimes a venue is busy, sometimes we intentionally schedule shoots outside of peak trading times so we can take all the space and time we need to get well staged images. We organised this particular shoot outside of peak trading time, and were a little relieved that we were packing up just as a group of 30 arrived for Friday afternoon drinks!



Good Beer Week is a great opportunity to get out and try a few new venues, while supporting local businesses at the same time. Located at 32 Church Lane in the city, not far from Southern Cross Station, Saving Grace is one of the bars you should definitely have on your Good Beer Week to do list. 


Even though the algorithm keeps changing, and many brands are finding lower engagement rates with their posts, Instagram is still one of our favourite ways to connect with customers and fans. Here are five super simple tips for getting the most out of this platform:


Don’t be a cheater

Buying likes and followers is a really inauthentic way to build a following, and it can backfire. As you grow your following, you want to be engaging with the people who take the time to leave a comment on your page. If you’re sifting through hundreds of computer-generated, generic comments, you may miss the opportunity to connect with a legitimate follower who has taken the time to leave a comment on your feed. The community you build from genuine connection is worth so more than the vanity metrics of likes and followers.


Improve your photography

Social media platforms are mostly visual platforms, if your photos aren’t beautiful, your feed – and your brand, by association - will look amateurish. You just need your smartphone, a bit of an understanding of light and composition, and some basic editing knowledge. If you’re time poor, don’t know how much you should pay a photographer or overwhelmed at the thought of doing it yourself, there are a number of social media agencies who can organise this for you at an affordable rate. (Insert plug for our affordable, effortless and super professional services here)


Get involved

For many niches, it can really help your brand to have yourself in the photo. If the thought of being photographed brings up traumatic flashbacks of school photo day, consider having some photos taken of you just going about your daily business. Images that capture you in action will always look more natural and authentic than a front-on photo taken against a blank wall. Have fun  


Be consistent

This is possibly the most important of these tips for Instagram success. Be consistent in the images you choose and how they’re edited. If you’re doing it yourself and loving it, try aps such as Lightroom, VSCOcam, and a Colour Story to take your images to the next level. Engaging professionals? Try to stick with the same photographer or photographic style, and if you’re rebranding, phase into your new image to avoid confusion. We’ll be sharing how we took one brand from inspirational quotes and regrams to a clean, curated feed in a later blog pos.

Also, really try to be consistent in the number of times you post per week and what you post about. Develop a brand voice and remain true to it. And those raving fans who like, comment on, and share everything? Be consistent in doing the same for them in return. Scheduling tools such as Grum can help you batch schedule your posts for the month to ensure consistent delivery. 


Use Instagram lives and Instagram stories to stay front of mind

Instagram live is a fantastic tool to make sure you’re seen by your followers. Not only does it allow you to have a direct conversation with your followers, you can also give them a peek behind the scenes. If you save your Instagram live, it will remain on your stories for 24 hours and you’ll be one of the first pages they see in their Stories. As an added bonus, you’ll be building up your confidence in front of a “live” audience and learning that one little tongue-stumble isn’t the end of the world.

If Instagram Lives are a little daunting, consider Instagram Stories. Instagram favours users who use all of its features, so if you’re not keen to get in front of the camera to do a video, you can always create a still screen image to include on your stories. We use InShot and Canva. There are so many apps and programs available to create still images, so have a play around and remember – you can always delete an image if you don’t like it.