City Precinct September Social

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City Precinct’s September Social was held on Wednesday the 11th at the Gray Reid Gallery in Melbourne’s prestigious Collins Street, with the commitment to support local city business. Guest speaker, Danielle Poulos - Content lead and Social Media Manager from What’s On Melbourne, spoke to us about how small business can stretch their marketing on a budget.




·      There are over 8000 events listed annually on ‘What’s On Melbourne’s’ events database so if you’ve got something exciting to share - share it with them! Shoot them an email with your event details or simply tag them on social media to ensure they promote you - for free!

·      What’s On Melbourne has over 450,000 Facebook followers and 170,000 Instagram followers. 




·      Social media is so important: almost everyone is on it! According to a 2019 social report, there are over 18 million active social media users on most social media platforms every month! That is approximately 72% of the total population! Crazy! 

·      When are people socially networking? 

o  71% in the evening 

o  57% first thing in the morning

o  47% at lunchtime

o  47% in breaks

o  39% last thing before bed

o  21% during work hours

o  18% commuting 

·      Some tips for social media images…

o  Always edit your image before using it. Sharpen it, remove shadows and saturate the colour.

o  Share other people’s photos, as long as you credit them. Use the location function on Instagram to search for good images you can share.

o  Some free online image libraries:

§  Unsplash

§  Pixabay

§  Creative Commons 

·      What do people love to see on Facebook?

o  Food/events/newsworthy & free and cheap blogs.

·      What works on Instagram stories?

o  Instagram stories are quick, disposable content which are perfect for showcasing what is happening right now. They do not have to be ‘perfect’ - it is more important that they look authentic. 

o  People love on the spot video content. 

o  News such as openings and launches work well. 




·      Images and videos are the key to engaging your audience

·      Keep your social media accounts up-to-date. 

o  Potential customers will scan your social media accounts to find out more about your offer (especially food and fashion).

o  Journalists and media outlets will scan social media accounts for ideas!

o   If your social media accounts have not been updated for a while, people might think that you are closed!


Gray Reid is a member of the City Precinct and has benefitted from their sign-up of a free photoshoot with our team at Prince + Mercer to use on their social platforms as pictured here.

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