All of Auckland

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Although I can now officially say I’ve been to New Zealand, the reality is that we only really saw a freeway, a hotel and an office in Auckland – but if it counts, I liked what I saw! Instead of the winery tour my partner previously flew over for, Anika and I boarded our QANTAS flights with one mission on our mind, and that was to meet the girls we talk to on an almost daily basis but had yet to see in person from the Thin Lizzy team.


We started working with Thin Lizzy in October 2017  with a base of under 5,000 Instagram followers at the time and are thrilled that we’ve helped them grow this database to over 26,000. This growth can be attributed to numerous factors, including but not limited to; blogger gifting, competitions, fresh content, social only product launches, blogger takeovers,  user generated content and genuine engagement with their followers.  We work closely with their marketing team to ensure we reflect all of their initiatives in a manner that’s appropriate for the ever-evolving landscape of social media.


We wanted to head in with some fresh facts that we were able to discuss face to face details such as when it comes to stories on the Gram, the good old saying of quality over quantity still applies. Our analysis proved that whilst you can pretty much post as many stories as you want –it’s often the same eyeballs seeing them each time, so shifting the focus to creating memorable content rather than mass content, will often return a better result for your brand.  We were also able to present engagement rates on recent posts and openly discuss what has been working and some areas for improvement– therefore gaining a better understanding of what we should include more of moving forward.


In a world where you can (mostly) work from home and rarely see another human if you desire, the trip proved to us that the power of a real relationship counts. We were able to gain valuable insights into how their whole business operates, what products are in the pipelines, who in the office is vegan VS gluten free, and that the girls in NZ definitely know how to wear a fringe. Hoping to book another trip over soon – and highly recommend the Grand Windsor Hotel + dinner at Cafe Hanoi should you be going yourself!

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Our departing gift from Melbourne; cocktails from The Everleigh

Our departing gift from Melbourne; cocktails from The Everleigh