August Update - Thin Lizzy Lip Kit Launch

This month we’ve been lucky enough to work on a few big shoots again. Account management takes up 90% of our week, so it’s always nice to shoot new content and flex our creative muscles again.

Two shoots that we saw come to life included Anna Vasily – their monthly content with a dark navy and pink theme, as well as Thin Lizzy, with a new product launch of their Volumising Lip Kits.

Thin Lizzy Mood Board - Volumising Lip Kit Launch

Thin Lizzy Mood Board - Volumising Lip Kit Launch

We love a challenge, so when one of the inspirational shots sent through was a lip gloss ice cream, we were pretty pumped. We are fully aware that the image to inspire has had a LOT of post production, but ever-keen to give it a crack, we sourced our popsticks and started smearing.

This shoot also included video content of the application of their new kit, so we enlisted two of the girls who we had previously collaborated with through Thin Lizzy - Kelly Beams and Phoebe Egwunye.

Kelly Beams & Phoebe Egwunye

Kelly Beams & Phoebe Egwunye

These two both delivered above and beyond in the past, with prior collabs being successful in the content they created. We love working with influencers who have great content and engagement, but more importantly with great attitudes and a willingness to get involved. They showed us this by going on to promote the brand further with behind the scenes posts and stories promoting the launch of the Lip Kits.

@veganisedbeauty then shared and used as more content on @thinlizzybeauty

While we wanted to shoot a lot of clean content and swatches for the social content, we also wanted to highlight the colour range and played on this with some obvious props, which still held the colour and luxe theme the brand is currently trying to communicate through their feed.

We are yet to get the final images, however from the sneak peak of a few (below) we are pretty happy with the results already!

Volumising Lip Kit - Shade: Cosmopolitan

Volumising Lip Kit - Shade: Cosmopolitan

All of Auckland

Photo 7-7-19, 1 22 54 pm.jpg

Although I can now officially say I’ve been to New Zealand, the reality is that we only really saw a freeway, a hotel and an office in Auckland – but if it counts, I liked what I saw! Instead of the winery tour my partner previously flew over for, Anika and I boarded our QANTAS flights with one mission on our mind, and that was to meet the girls we talk to on an almost daily basis but had yet to see in person from the Thin Lizzy team.


We started working with Thin Lizzy in October 2017  with a base of under 5,000 Instagram followers at the time and are thrilled that we’ve helped them grow this database to over 26,000. This growth can be attributed to numerous factors, including but not limited to; blogger gifting, competitions, fresh content, social only product launches, blogger takeovers,  user generated content and genuine engagement with their followers.  We work closely with their marketing team to ensure we reflect all of their initiatives in a manner that’s appropriate for the ever-evolving landscape of social media.


We wanted to head in with some fresh facts that we were able to discuss face to face details such as when it comes to stories on the Gram, the good old saying of quality over quantity still applies. Our analysis proved that whilst you can pretty much post as many stories as you want –it’s often the same eyeballs seeing them each time, so shifting the focus to creating memorable content rather than mass content, will often return a better result for your brand.  We were also able to present engagement rates on recent posts and openly discuss what has been working and some areas for improvement– therefore gaining a better understanding of what we should include more of moving forward.


In a world where you can (mostly) work from home and rarely see another human if you desire, the trip proved to us that the power of a real relationship counts. We were able to gain valuable insights into how their whole business operates, what products are in the pipelines, who in the office is vegan VS gluten free, and that the girls in NZ definitely know how to wear a fringe. Hoping to book another trip over soon – and highly recommend the Grand Windsor Hotel + dinner at Cafe Hanoi should you be going yourself!

Photo 8-7-19, 7 22 20 am.jpg
Photo 7-7-19, 5 13 02 pm.jpg
Photo 8-7-19, 6 06 27 am.jpg
Photo 8-7-19, 6 43 06 am.jpg
Photo 8-7-19, 6 39 29 am.jpg
Our departing gift from Melbourne; cocktails from The Everleigh

Our departing gift from Melbourne; cocktails from The Everleigh

Styled by Sally content shoot

As one of Melbourne City’s best known stylists, Sally MacKinnon is also a long-time friend and supporter of Prince and Mercer. Having operated in Melbourne for over 15 years, Sally is the official stylist of Melbourne’s Emporium Shopping Centre, with both local clients and clients who travel hours from regional areas for their seasonal styling sessions. We were thrilled when Sally approached us to help her capture some content for her Instagram account, Styled by Sally.

Not one for overly-posed imagery, Sally takes a warm and authentic approach to her social media accounts and her business, and we wanted to convey this through her images. We enlisted the services of Melbourne’s most prominent street style photographers, Dan Castano, to make sure we nailed the brief.

Styled by Sally_dcastano0 4.jpg

For each of the stores we visited, we wanted to showcase Sally’s styling process, her aesthetic and her unique spin on current trends. Our first stop of the morning was Witchery at Emporium, where Sally styled some of the season’s latest trends, including these gorgeous autumnal tones.

We love how Sally uses staples like turtleneck jumpers in unique ways, as seen here.

Styled by Sally_dcastano0 16.jpg
Styled by Sally_dcastano0 29.jpg
Styled by Sally_dcastano0 35.jpg

Next, we visited Saba, where Sally styled three corporate outfits for herself and her clients. This season, Saba has a fantastic range of office-appropriate skirts, and Sally demonstrated how these can be paired with corporate classics to put a feminine spin on everyday work wear.

Styled by Sally_dcastano0 60.jpg
Styled by Sally_dcastano0 65.jpg

Our third and final store visit was to Skin and Threads, where Sally styled the brand’s new season grey checked suit jacket three ways. From casual to corporate, we love Skin and Thread’s philosophy when it comes to creating superior quality basics that are designed to fit seamlessly with existing wardrobe favourites. We’re not too proud to say that we put a few Skin and Threads items on our own wish lists!

Styled by Sally_dcastano0 117.jpg
Styled by Sally_dcastano0 84.jpg
Styled by Sally_dcastano0 110.jpg

To book a styling session with Sally, check out her Styled by Sally website for more information here.

Creating Content for Thin Lizzy's New Product Range

Thin Lizzy foundation

We’re only just into April, and it has already been a huge year for our client, Thin Lizzy Beauty, in terms of new and exciting product launches.

We’re lucky enough to create content for this brand monthly, which means that we can keep their content fresh and fun. The last few months have seen some big changes for the brand, including the increase of their Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation range from 11 shades to an impressive 33, the launch of the Luminous Light Highlighter and Sweet Face Blush trio palettes, and a Velvet Lipcreme in 11 shades.


With more and more brands recognising the need for a wide range of shades and undertones to ensure all their customers are able to find a colour match, it is refreshing to see Thin Lizzy extend their range to an impressive 33 shades. One of the brand’s best selling products, the Flawless Complexion Liquid Foundation is a favourite in the Prince and Mercer team, as well.

Sourcing a combination of models and beauty bloggers, we were able to fulfil the brief of highlighting the range of shades now available.

THING LIZZY 2_dcastano0 35.jpg


The release of these two products demonstrate just how far the Thin Lizzy team has come in expanding their product range. Both palettes are not only gorgeous, but the products within are of the highest quality, with the staying power you don’t often see in brands at an accessible-to-everyone price point.

Our aim in capturing images of these products was to really highlight (no pun intended) the products themselves, showing the difference between each of the three shades on offer in each palette trio.

Thin Lizzy_dcastano_0 25.jpg
Thin Lizzy_dcastano_0 1.jpg


Available in 11 shades encompassing nudes, berries, reds and corals; Thin Lizzy’s new Velvet Lipcreme is a buildable product that can go from barely-there lip stain to bold lip with a couple of swipes.

As this product launch coincided with Valentine’s Day, we were able to get creative with shapes, colours and textures to create some great content that was both on-brand and timely.

Thin Lizzy_dcastano_0 14.jpg
Pink Backgrounds-3.jpg
Pink Backgrounds-4.jpg

Flinders Quarter - Festival of the Independents

If there’s one thing we love here at Prince and Mercer, it’s the opportunity to get behind small and independent businesses. We love the big brands, don’t get us wrong, but there’s something uniquely special about locally designed, handmade, and Melbourne-centric goods and services. When approached to manage the social media for Flinders Quarter’s inaugural Festival of Independents event, we jumped at the opportunity.

5 - clementine's.jpg
Victoria Mason 1.jpg

Encompassing the area of the city bordered by Flinders, Swanston, Collins and Elizabeth Streets, including Campbell Arcade, Centre Place, Cathedral Arcade, Manchester Lane, Scott Alley, Centreway Arcade and the iconic Nicholas Building, The Festival of Independents is an opportunity for Melbourne residents to support small and independent businesses within the Flinders Quarter.

With meet the maker style events, jewellery exhibitions, special offers and samplings, the businesses have rallied together to ensure the event represents all facets of the precinct, from hats to homewares, coffee to cocktails, and accessories to artworks.

Clementine's 2.jpg
Principal Store 4.jpg

As we head into the Festive Season, we encourage you to think locally in your purchasing decisions. With such a wealth of talent at our doorstep, choosing to support just one local retailer can ensure the survival of the small and independent businesses that make Melbourne such a unique city.

The Festival of Independents will be held on Thursday December 6th from 4pm - 9pm.
For more information go to

Presented by: 
Metro Tunnel 
John Holland
Cross Yarra Partnership

Supported by:
City Precinct

14. obus-3.jpg

Hospitality Showcase

At Prince and Mercer, we love our hospitality clients, and we’re proud to say we’ve worked with some of Melbourne’s best. Ensuring that the images we capture are consistent with the personality of each business, we work with some amazing photographers to capture content that showcases our clients’ offerings in the best possible light. From fine dining to quality coffee to blow-your-mind burgers, our hospitality clients are a diverse bunch. Here are a few of our favourites.

Kings and Knaves Espresso

Kings and Knaves Espresso


One of our long-standing clients, Syracuse Restaurant and Wine Bar is located in Bank Place in Melbourne’s CBD, between Collins and Little Collins streets. With meals that draw inspiration from Sicilian cuisine and a dessert menu to die for, thanks to Chef Philippa Sibley, the Syracuse team curate an ever-changing menu that offers a diverse and exciting dining experience.

Our focus for shoots with Syracuse is to showcase the diverse range of food and beverage offerings available, from breakfast and coffee to dinner and dessert. We also assist in the promotion of their dessert events, which take place regularly throughout the year.

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant

Syracuse Wine Bar and Restaurant


Perfectly situated next to Flagstaff Station in Melbourne’s CBD, Kings and Knaves Espresso has just celebrated their first birthday, and have cultivated an ever-increasing crowd of loyal, raving-fan customers. The team at Kings and Knaves understand the importance of collaborating with Melbourne’s food influencer community, and part of our social media management strategy for this business is influencer collaborations and events.

Working closely with local suppliers including (but not limited to) Rooftop Bees Honey, Noisette Bakery, Northside Fruit and Veg, Chai Addict, Sot Cakes by Mork, The Fitzroy Naturopath Team and many more, we love that Kings and Knaves stock and support local small businesses.

Kings and Knaves Espresso

Kings and Knaves Espresso

Kings and Knaves Espresso

Kings and Knaves Espresso


Down Church Lane, behind an unassuming facade, is Saving Grace. One of our go-to establishments for team meetings over burgers and a glass or two of wine, Saving Grace has it all. Outstanding food thanks to the Burger Boys team in the kitchen, six rotating beer taps offering the best of the season, a meticulously curated wine list (we recommend the Grenache if you’re a red wine lover!), and cocktails for when the night calls for something a little bit extravagant.

A highlight of our work with Saving Grace has been their promotion for 2018’s Good Beer Week. Teaming up with BrewDog for a week-long tap takeover, the Saving Grace team created a special menu matching BrewDog’s beers with Burger Boys burgers, creating the opportunity for cross-promotion for both parties. We also facilitated food blogger visits in the week leading up to the event to generate interest and content.

With plans in the pipeline for some innovative and exciting events, we can’t wait to bring you more great Saving Grace content.

Saving Grace Bar

Saving Grace Bar

Saving Grace Bar

Saving Grace Bar


For businesses already confident in their ability to manage their own social media channels, we also offer content creation packages. If you have a special event coming up that requires fresh promotional images, or if your feed needs a refresh, shoot us an email. Let’s talk!

Kirk’s Wine Bar

Kirk’s Wine Bar

La Kuaizi

La Kuaizi

Kirk’s Wine Bar

Kirk’s Wine Bar

Bottega Restaurant

Bottega Restaurant

Journal Cafe

Journal Cafe

Butcher’s Diner

Butcher’s Diner

Whisky and Alement

Whisky and Alement

Luxe Bite

Luxe Bite

Neapoli Wine Bar

Neapoli Wine Bar

Rice Paper Scissors

Rice Paper Scissors

Anna Vasily July Content Shoot


We love being able to flex our creative muscles for our monthly content shoots for Anna Vasily Design. With new colours and shapes to work with every month, we have the freedom to explore colour and texture, safe in the knowledge that these pieces photograph beautifully.

With such stunning pieces to work with, we wanted to showcase this range in a real home to demonstrate how easy it can be to integrate pieces that may usually be relegated to "special occasions only" into everyday life.


Using a palette of velvety doe brown, burgundy and lush greenery, this shoot had an opulent, yet accessible, feel. By combining the Anna Vasily pieces with the sort of glassware, cutlery and additional extras you would find in most homes, we were able to create an achievable style that any customer would be able to recreate in their home. We love presenting these pieces in a 'real life' setting, as it allows potential customers to imagine how these pieces could fit into their own home. 


We're always on the hunt for unique and impressive desserts, and when we came across Don't Lose Your Temper we knew we were on to a winner. Made locally in Melbourne, these sweet treats were the perfect addition to this shoot, adding an element of interest without drawing attention from the dinnerware pieces. They were also delicious, as one would expect! 


This home in Melbourne's Fitzroy had gorgeous natural light, and provided the perfect location to achieve the lifestyle images we were hoping to, in addition to the required table setting images we capture for the client each month. 


We have some really exciting shoots for Anna Vasily in the works, and we're looking forward to bringing you more new content shortly.

Thin Lizzy July Content Shoot

Social media is an ever-evolving platform, and it is crucial for brands to maintain a steady flow of new and innovative content to keep their feed looking fresh and followers engaged. One of the things we love most about working with Thin Lizzy Beauty is that they recognise this and have monthly content shoots written into their contract. As an agency, this allows us to respond quickly to the release of new products, and ensured that recent changes to the brand’s packaging were able to be promoted quickly and seamlessly across all their social platforms. 

Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-4.jpg

For this month’s content creation shoot, we  continued to collaborate with beauty influencers and fans of the brand, Carmen (@mybeautyheroes) and Casey (@thatmelbournebrunette). Each of these lovely ladies created a look using the Thin Lizzy range, with two wildly different - yet equally stunning – looks as a result.  

Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-16.jpg
Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-42.jpg

This shoot was also a great opportunity for us to capture images of the brand’s new packaging. Over the past few months Thin Lizzy has been transitioning from their long-standing royal blue and lavender packaging to a more modern (and absolutely stunning) rose gold look. This new look reflects Thin Lizzy’s positioning in the market as a go-to for both established and up-and-coming influencers and make up artists, at a price point that makes it accessible to all. 

There’s plenty to celebrate this month, with Thin Lizzy being named as New Zealand’s top selling face brand for the month of June, and also hitting the 10,000 follower mark. Reaching this milestone, increasing the Thin Lizzy Instagram account at an average of 800 followers a month has been a hugely rewarding experience for the Prince and Mercer team, and the creative freedom and support from the Thin Lizzy team has enabled us to build a genuinely solid partnership with a brand that we truly love. 

Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-8.jpg

A driving principle behind everything we do at Prince and Mercer (especially for our photo shoots) is to go the extra mile – for us, this means thoroughly researching our brands, hours spent scouring Pinterest for inspiration, and finding the perfect props to ensure our images are on brand and on point. For this shoot, we contacted Wholesale Satin Robes to provide the gorgeous customised blush satin robes below for our bloggers. The robes photographed beautifully and our bloggers were thrilled with their bespoke gift to take home as a memento of the day.

This small extra-mile gesture encouraged extra content creation from our bloggers, built a relationship between the two businesses and led to a content extension, with Thin Lizzy offering a pair of  matching robes as a giveaway for International Friendship Day. We believe strongly in the power of collaboration, and this is a great example of how we do it.

Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-1.jpg
Thin Lizzy_Studio Local-2.jpg

We filmed our bloggers as they created their look from start to finish, with Rachel from This Very Now videography. Video is a fantastic medium that offers additional content for brands while creating a really personal connection with followers. Neither of our bloggers had participated in a shoot like this before, and it was really heartwarming to see their confidence build throughout the shoot. 

Thin Lizzy will continue to roll out their new packaging across the entire range over the coming months, and continue to develop new products to add to their roster. We’ll keep you updated on new products as they’re released to market, and will continue to showcase their work here on the blog. If you like what you see, head over to @thinlizzybeauty and support this fantastic brand. 

Syracuse Restaurant Content Shoot

Those familiar with Melbourne's dining scene are sure to know - and love - Syracuse Restaurant and Wine Bar. Located in Bank Place between Collins and Little Collins Streets, in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, Syracuse serves up some seriously delicious modern Sicilian fare. More than just your average Italian cuisine, Sicilian food also has Greek, Spanish and French influences, with perfectly balanced flavours and a focus on fresh produce. 


With the launch of their new winter menu, and with their dessert degustation "A Sweet Soiree" coming up, a content update was required. For all our hospitality clients, due to the seasonality of produce and offerings, we recommend shoots every 8 weeks to ensure the freshest, most relevant content. 

The main focus of this shoot was to showcase some of the desserts on offer at the upcoming event, "A Sweet Soiree", to be held on Wednesday 1st August. Boasting a five course dessert menu created by Philippa Sibley, Australia's Queen of Desserts, with an impressive array of perfectly paired wines selected by sommelier Florian Valieres, this event is sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Tickets are still available for this event, and available here.